Vibrating Wire sensor by Yeltech

Vibrating Wire Sensor

Measures the mechanical load within the structures to detect movement using a high frequency vibrating wire.


  • Long term structural monitoring of buildings and bridges
  • Measures strain in underground concrete tunnel linings
  • Structural integrity measurements in concrete and masonry dams
  • Ground water measurements in rock and soils.


  • Sensors safe for embedding in concrete and soils
  • High sensor reliability to no internal electronic parts
  • Options for up to 100 Million Record Storage
  • Spectral Sensor Analysis/ Read-out / Data logger
  • Spreadsheet format CSV Data Files
  • Automatic sensor configuration – No prior sensor knowledge required

Sensor Interface Options

  • 400 – 15 KHz Range
  • SDI-12 RS-485 Ports for remote data transmission
  • Fully User Configuration
  • Free Windows Applications Software
  • 1..32 channels with expansion unit
  • Dynamic VW sensor measurements – 20 to 40 Hz

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