PIEZO-RM TM Digital Level Sensor

The PIEZO-RM submersible hydrostatic transducer represents the leading edge of level sensing technology available today. The device uses a highly stable ceramic-based sealed silicon-isolated sensor for the pressure measurements.
The PIEZO-RM series of sensors features the SDI-12 / RS485 digital interface for communications. The SDI-12 interface is an industry standard network for digital communications with data recorders and other intelligent sensors, especially in the environmental field monitoring applications. The transducer meets the demanding requirements of the UK Environment Agency Office for accuracy specification for stage monitoring.
The PIEZO-RM sensors are intended for applications requiring long term deployment. All of the sensors use advanced power management and can be connected directly to a data logger for long term automatic reporting applications, or to a laptop for immediate short term measurements.
A range of media converters are available to connect the PIEZO-RM sensors to a laptop across a digital network. The USB-SDI12-Pro range of media converter also powers the sensors from the PC in order to simplify the sensor installation.
To provide the optimum in measurement accuracy and reliability the PIEZO-RM does not use vented signal cabling and is a complete hermetically-sealed device. This removes any chance of failure due to accidental cable breaks; barometric errors due to cable elongation; the ingress of moisture due to condensation from high humidity levels and damage to the electronics.


  • Custom level ranges up to 200m / 600ft H 2O
  • Unsurpassed accuracy of ±0.05% total error band
  • SDI-12 / RS485 / Modbus digital communication
  • Local gravity, salinity corrections
  • 316 SS / marine bronze construction
  • Engineering results – digital data transfer
  • Gas discharge lightning protection as standard
  • Option for user-installed cables
  • IP68 sealed device. Glass-sealed network connection
    Compatible with any third party SDI-12 logger, RS485 & Modbus Interfaces


  • Level monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • De-watering Surface
  • water monitoring
  • Well monitoring
  • Reservoirs Downhole
  • Tank level
  • Oceanographic research

Remote Data Access - Mobile Phone Network

The data from the PIEZO-RM range of sensors can be accessed from remote sites automatically by using the EZ-LOG data loggers and Web page interface. Data is sent out across the mobile phone GPRS network and stored into a database. The EZ-LOG Web interface enables the User to control the remote download times and to set the E-mail alarm system directly onto the secure database.
The logger systems can be expanded to include additional environmental sensors such as for water level and flow along with weather station components.
All the data access and E-mail alarms are set from the EZ-Log Web page interface.

High Pressure Seals:

Long-term stability of the compression seals used on the PIEZO-RM range of sensors are also very stable over long periods of time.
Since plastic is an inorganic material, it is not affected by long-term exposure to elevated temperatures, or to the chemical components of the liquids under investigation. In other words, it does not lose the mechanical properties which can affect the seal, as do organic materials such as moulded epoxies; potting compounds, and all engineering grade thermoplastics and thermosets. This is critical in applications where pressure integrity over a long life (over 10 years) is an advantage.
The electronics inside the PIEZO-RM sensors are inside a dry chamber safe from the ingress of any moisture including that caused by changes of humidity along vented cables.

In-built Statistics:

The following parameters are available directly from the sensor:
Maximum Pressure, Minimum Pressure Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature
Local calibration : Salinity, gravity adjustments
Total Error – includes the combined errors due to non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, and thermal effects over the compensated temperature range
USB-SDI12-Pro Media Converter
Laptop / PC Water Level Recording System
SDI-12 Version Sensor
PIEZO–1–SDI12 10 m range PIEZO–2–SDI12 20 m range PIEZO–5–SDI12 50 m range PIEZO–10-SDI12 100 m range
Mobus Version Sensors
PIEZO–1–485M 10 m range PIEZO–2–485M 20 m range PIEZO–5–485M 50 m range PIEZO–10-485M 100 m range
RS-485 Version Sensor
PIEZO–1–485 10 m range PIEZO–2–485 20 m range PIEZO–5–485 50 m range PIEZO-10-485 100 m range PEIZO-20-485 200 m range


Total Error – includes the combined errors due to non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, and thermal effects over the compensated temperature range