Yeltech’s RTMU is an automatic Rail Temperature warning system

During periods of high temperatures, the rails can:

  • Buckle (bend)
  • Reach up to 20ºC above the air temperature.
  • Expand and be subject to strong compression.

This can cause safety issues, delays, risk of derailment and safety issues.

RTMU Benefits:

  • Avoid costly manual temperature monitoring
  • Accurate live rail temperature
  • Multiple and variable alarm limits
  • Communication via email, SMS or online
  • Easy installation (cable-free, fits BS110, UIC54, BS113, UIC60 rails in seconds)
  • Completely mobile device

Smartphone App


We contacted Yeltech last April to enquire about the RTMU’s. They were kind enough to provide us with a Demo unit for 1 week and came out to teach us how to set up and use the it.

We then purchased 5 units as a result. Yeltech have since Serviced and Calibrated these for us, collecting it and returning it without any fuss. We are pleased with the services we have received.>

These RTMU’s have worked well, we have had them on the track in all conditions for 3 years and Yeltech have maintained them, calibrated them yearly and been easy to work with.

Great Product, Quick and easy services and friendly team who have great knowledge of the industry and our needs.

We’ve just returned our RTMU’s back for Service and Calibration. Free collection service provided no hassle and quickly returned. Very happy.