Voids are an inevitable consequence of the combined loading and effects of weathering rail ballasts over time. Although meant to facilitate the drainage of water and keep vegetation at bay, clogging can occur, causing a deterioration of the ballast that keeps the rail track rigid.

The ability to monitor this issue is of great importance to rail infrastructure, potentially saving millions in maintenance and asset usage reduction.

Yeltech has produced a portable void monitoring unit. Designed to be easy to fit, reliably record data and release safely when finished. The system will log the vibration data as the train approaches and will transmit the data to a web server as soon as the train has passed the section of the track which is being monitored.

Yeltech’s void monitoring device is a prognostic system that can be adapted to the customer’s requirements with the following options available:

remote void measurement device, ballast drainage sensors, a data acquisition system and software to perform the fusion and analysis of data about different factors, as well as to report/interpret the results with little or no human intervention.