The Intelligent Points Heating Transformer (IPHT) is a unique point heating control system which, can save up to 50% of electrical energy.

The IPHT has been designed to either be retro-fitted to existing Points Heating Sites and for new installations to reduce the Installation costs (on new sites) as well as the power required to operate a points heating site.

With the IPHT there is no need for a new control cubicle as all the controls and communications are taken care of by the IPHT. This will obviously offer significant budget savings in both Installation and power rates which, are usually charged to individual zones.
This device manages the power to the constant wattage strip heaters on the point end, achieving just the same heating characteristics as the standard system but with up to 50% the power used normally.

The Installation on a standard Points Heating site is designed to be extremely cost effective with nothing being disturbed, except the power cable between the junction box and the point heating transformer.

Each unit will then have its own Hot Rail sensor fitted ensuring its own autonomous heating when required.



The Smart Transformer comes in two forms:

A retro fit unit which will fit into any existing transformer (IPHT).

A new Blakley’s electrical transformer with internal IPHT controls fitted.

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