The Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) is a low power unit developed to monitor the battery voltage of the Emergency Warning Boards (OR ANY OTHER SAFETY BATTERY OPERATED DEVICE).


The BMD also monitors the electric current used by the ESRs and incorporates a Tilt sensor which will alarm via SMS and/or email when the ESR is fallen over. The BMD has a self-contained battery to operate and requires no additional cabling or base station.


The BMD has a clip to fit both types of Emergency Indicators (Yardene Engineering and MC Electronics type). This enables the unit to be clipped to indicators in a matter of seconds. Use in conjunction with Railway Group Standard Rule Book.

The unit is completely mobile; it can be used in any part of the country then simply moved to another location. The BMD has a clip to fit both types of approved Emergency Indicators, the mini Emergency Warning Board from Yardene Engineering and the MC Electronics type emergency indicators.
The BMD comes in two parts: the Main unit & the BMD Sensor Kit (refer to part nos ). The Sensor Kit can be fitted to all the ESRsand then just have a small number of the main BMD units (dependant on the number of ESRs held) as required.

Power supply internal 13.0 Ah Lithium Thionyl
Consumption 70 A max (Low power operation)
1mA (AI sampling w/o sensors)
~50mA (alarm messaging)
Serial port RS232C, 9600 to 115200 bps
GSM modem Quad band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
Operating Temperature -30°C…+65°C
Protection IP66
Dimensions 130x130x75mm (excluding bracket)
Bracket Stainless Steel
TECH12100 ESR Battery
Monitoring Device
– Main Unit
TECH12106 BMD Sensor Kit
– Spare Part
TECH12103 BMD Handle
Clamp – Spare
341-0286 Square lock key
– Spare Part