Gas Distribution

Distribution is the final step in delivering natural gas to customers. While some large industrial, commercial, and electric generation customers receive natural gas directly from high capacity interstate and intrastate pipelines, most other users receive natural gas from their local gas utility, also called a local distribution company (LDC).Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, similar to those used by large pipeline companies, are also used by local distribution companies. These systems can integrate gas flow control and measurement with other accounting, billing, and contract systems to provide a comprehensive measurement and control system for the local gas utility. This allows accurate, timely information on the status of the distribution network to be used by the utility, to ensure efficient and effective service at all times.

Unattended & Remote

Flow, pressure, moisture and leak detection measurements in unmanned and critical locations of the gas distribution network often imply the need to operate from a DC power source, such as a battery. Remote level monitoring in Gas Storage Tanks, as LPG tanks, is also an essential demand on a gas distribution network. Infinite offers maintenance free solutions for these kind of measurements, based on the BSC-50E battery powered RTU/data logger.