Yeltech has years of experience in taking client specific briefs for designing and developing, bespoke systems.Together with our team of engineers and partners in academia and industry, we can help you design and develop products that meet specific business needs and fill market gaps.Prototype & TestingDuring the design stage functional or early prototypes may be produced. These are very useful in testing design assumptions and informing the design process. 3D CAD modelling also allows us to review detailed and realistic models of the product and review changes that may be required. There are sometimes limitations with prototypes due to restrictions in the materials and processes that are available prior to full manufacture.
The outcome of the prototype & testing stage may result in further work to refine designs. Once the design is finished and testing with the prototype is producing satisfactory results the project moves on to the production stage, starting with tooling.
In every step of the project, we work with the customer to make sure we have considered all the requirements and evaluated all the issues with the proposed design.